A Kindred Spirit

It's been a while since the bums and Cracks blog was updated. For that, we apologise - sometimes life gets in the way of what's really important.

We'll have some new cracks for you soon, but in the meantime let's honour this awesome dude...

All photos courtesy of nokenny.com

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Beer Drinking Crack, Snapped in France, August 2011

Thanks to Jordy for the pic.

Check out the guy in the top right who seems to have spotted the photographer taking a snap of his friend's ass.

Wife Crack fixing a sink, Snapped in Paris, France, Feb 2010‏

Thanks to Guillaume for the pic.

He also informed us of another French moniker for builder's bum: "Plumber's Smile" (le Sourire du Plombier).

Interviewing Crack, Snapped in Toulouse, France, October 2010‏

Thanks to Guillaume & Bénédicte for the pic.